Nova Materials Co., Ltd.

Nova Materials Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development of fine chemicals and metal materials for biomedical, aerospace, electronics, chemistry, and other related fields.

For clients in the biomedical industry, we provide advanced pharmaceutical intermediates, as well as pharmacy cleanroom cleaning solutions for ISO-regulated environments.

For the aerospace and electronics industries, we provide metal pellet, powder, and foil for precision electroplating, metal injection molding, and passive components.

In recent years, Nova Materials has realized the importance of assisting industry at cultivating talents. The company has taken root in academic research units, provided various professional chemical reagents and materials for laboratories, to contribute the future industrial upgrading.

Adhering to the mission of taking clients’ demand as the basis, Nova Materials continuously improves its product quality and strives to develop high-quality products at reasonable prices, so as to offer our clients excellent products and perfect service. We treat each client with integrity, regard clients as long-term partners, and strive to become a reliable supplier for our clients.